The company's main objectives include:

To provide integrated consultancy services capable of handling the complex, People Oriented Projects required by this developing nation, efficiency at the highest Professional level and incorporation of the latest technological advances and techniques.

To reflect the Government's policy, with regards to greater participation by Bumiputras in the profession and at the same time providing a sufficiently large pool of professional personnel to undertake major projects.

To work closely with other local professional firms such as architects and surveyors, international consultants, contractors and financial institutions to develop the multi disciplinary approach for turnkey projects.

Striving for an efficient and effective operation of a modern consulting engineering firm, ‘HAIKAL JURUTERA PERUNDING SDN. BHD.’ adopts the latest technology and modern engineering practice and operational tools, including such items as computer-aided design and drafting, utilizing the microcomputers, mathematical modelling and simulation techniques, and adoptions of sophisticated equipment for monitoring and instrumentation techniques.